Ebook – Chaotivation (english)

What are the most recent developments in movement science (for humans) and how can you integrate them in your existing horse knowledge and training?

In this ebook you’ll get a glimpse of the newest scientific developments regarding movement and movement training.

You will learn about the linear approach to training, why it won’t work and which alternative, modern training methods you can use instead.

I provide examples, illustrations and explanations so you can experience how the movement system of the horse is a complex dynamic system and you will learn how you can transfer those ideas into your own training approach.

At the end of the ebook we will look into examples of how to implement the concepts in practical training sessions and how you can use this approach yourself.

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My name is Sonja Riethig and I’ve been learning about modern movement science approaches since 2017. The first time I’ve heard about those concepts was in Project Proprius, an online-course by Kathy Sierra and Steinar Sigurbjörnson.

As a physical therapist (for humans) I already had the anatomical, biomechanical and pedagogical knowledge to understand those ideas. But it took a whole lot of rethinking and turning my world view upside down to realize that what I’ve learned in school is mostly outdated now.

By now I implement the concepts of modern movement science, for example the constraints-led approach, in my horse training sessions and I also coach clients on how to use those ideas in their own training. In this Ebook I summarize the basic principles, you’ll get exercises for yourself (and/or your horse) and I illustrate the basic ideas with images. You’ll find excerpts from studies to underscore some points and important topics are marked by a rabbit hole icon, so you know where to start your own research.

This book is a short introduction into those topics, so you can easily read and still understand the main points. But since it’s just a short introduction sadly I can’t and won’t go into much detail.

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