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Mind Mapping Intrinzen (DE) – Kim (Recording)

Starting a horse under saddle with the Intrinzen principles (EN) – Vince (Recording)

Frustration – bei Pferd und Mensch – Kim (Recording)

Energy savers and movement exploration (EN) – Laura (Recording)


F for fun, F for fear (EN) – Lina, Anne-Laure (Recording)


Mindfulness (EN) – Katja (Recording)

Badass first: how big moves helped us figure out basic training (EN) – Tinka (Recording)

Secret Video Project (EN) – Sonja (Recording)

Community Q&A


Mind Mapping Intrinzen (EN) – Kim (Recording)

The importance of the Environment in the Horses’ day-to-day life and how to use it in Training (EN) – Dalia (Recording)

Frustration – in horses and humans (EN) – Kim (Recording)

Stereotypisches Verhalten bei Pferden: Erkennen, vermeiden und damit trainieren (DE) – Sina (Recording)


Forever young – the nonlinear journey of an elderly horse (EN) – Isabelle (Recording)

Pattern Interrupt (EN) – Katja (Recording)

Spielen heißt experimentieren mit dem Zufall – Nichtlineare Pädagogik für Pferde (DE) – Caro (Recording)


Movement puzzle vs. correct response puzzle – Training ideas for beginners (EN) – Sonja (Recording)

Moving beyond Intrinzen (EN) – Kathy

Youtube-Playlist with all recorded presentations: Intrinzen-inspired-workshop-2021-3