Since we can’t meet in person this year we still wanted to get together and share our thoughts, ideas and experience with intrinzen-inspired training. We’ve prepared several presentations on different topics.

Sunday, January the 3rd, we want to invite you to join us for interesting and inspiring lectures as well as lively discussions after each presentation.

DISCLAIMER: We want do thank everyone who has participated, it was a huge success because of all of you.

If you have enjoyed the workshop and even want to make another one possible we are already planning one and are saving money for a PRO Zoom Account.

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Welcome Note​

12:00 GMT+1

Meeting-ID: 710 6924 8659
Password: Intrinzen

Let’s say a warm welcome to everybody who will join us today, talk about the organization of the event and start this workshop.

Mind Mapping Intrinzen – Kim

12:20 GMT+1

Meeting ID: 608 001 7397
Password: Intrinzen

Ex-Dressage rider, took a short leap into NHS but her hardcore-energyefficient 1,76m warmblood decided Intrinzen would be a better choice. Discovering the beauty, challenge and power of nature and movement.

Kim regularly shares inspiring and educating thoughts on her Instagram account: r_ewild

Download presentation

Overweight Horses And Intrinzen – Johanna

13:00 GMT+1 Meeting-ID: 880 1655 3882
Password: w0ux20

Translator of literature, unicorn sidekick, master-worrier learning from a wise pony-queen to trust the process and the path they share.

Wanna get to know Johanna and Maja? Visit her account on Instagram maja_the_grey to follow their journey.

Download presentation

Download Script ENGLISH

Download Script DEUTSCH

Creativity: Thinking Outside The Box – Katja

13:40 GMT+1 Meeting-ID: 952 8904 4206Password: Alfi

4x pony owner, psychotherapist, comfortably living on the „edge of chaos“.

Accompanying several – very individual – horses Katja shows an impressing amount of empathy and creativity: sprinkle_of_chaos

Trigger vs. Glimmer – Katja

14:20 GMT+1 Meeting-ID: 935 9755 4740Password: Emil

4x pony owner, psychotherapist, comfortably living on the „edge of chaos“.

Accompanying several – very individual – horses Katja shows an impressing amount of empathy and creativity: sprinkle_of_chaos

From NHS to Intrinzen – Anne-Laure

15:00 GMT+1

Meeting ID: 742 1791 7635
Password: Happi

Ex-classical rider from France exploring new paths through Intrinzen-inspired training with her semi-draft horse Happi, one panther-step at a time.

Anne-Laure shows her incredible development with Happi, a former riding school horse, on Instagram: happi_franchesmontagne

Helping Gaited Horses Through Intrinzen – Lina

15:40 GMT+1

 Meeting-ID: 371 146 3836Password: Engey

Student (12th grade, focus on pedagogy & psychology) accompanying Engey, a five-gaited Icelandic horse driven by great curiosity.

Engey and Lina share their journey and friendship on the Instagram account (with the fitting name): horseofthefire

Training Young Horses Intrinzen Inspired – Caro

16:20 GMT+1 

Meeting-ID: 854 527 9520
Password: 1234

Caro is coming from a pedagogical background and experienced as the sidekick of her little grey pony Kvix how she grew into a pegasus thanks to non-linear pedagogy.

Wanna read scientifically sound posts illustrated by a mystical pegasus pony? Check out skaldfakur

Intrinzen Inspired Walks – Laura

17:00 GMT+1 Meeting-ID: 892 1448 5482
Password: BcX4n7

Spanish boy & science nerd on their mission to discover the world of movement and motivation science.

Huracan and Laura share an Instagram account to show their friendship and connection: pferbindung

Download presentation

Training Intrinzen Inspired In A Traditional Equestrian Barn – Caro, Lina, Anne-Laure

17:40 GMT+1 Password: welcome

Caro – skaldfakur
Lina – horseofthefire
Anne-Laure – happi_franchesmontagne

Community Q&A​

18:20 GMT+1

Meeting-ID: 327 327 5555
Password: Intrinzen

Engage in an online discussion about everything Intrinzen-related. Ask questions, share your journey or just enjoy the lively discussions.